Welcome to our Pre-Order Page!

What is Pre-Ordering?
Pre-Ordering is a new service that we have introduced in 2018, this service offers you a way to purchase products at a discounted rate, payment is taken prior to the event, and on the event day you are able to display your receipt for the pre-order and collect your photographs on the day without taking your money out of your pocket.

Why should I Pre-Order?
Our Pre-Ordering service is beneficial to those who have eyes for a bargain, it also means that you have the security of knowing that your images are already paid for and it's simply a collection on the day of the event.  It also saves you explaining to "the other half" why you have got yet more photographs!

How do I Pre-Order?
You can either follow the below links for the events listed, alternatively you can check out our
Facebook page where we will be posting the links to the shows Pre-Order page.

Wellington Arena Eventing Nov18 Onwards  https://www.lottie-elizabethphotography.com/Preorder375451938

Wellington Winter Regionals 2019                    https://www.lottie-elizabethphotography.com/Preorder526196518