Premier League, Horse Trials, Petplan Southern Finals and Senior Home International

October 22, 2019  •  2 Comments

Hello Everyone,

It's been a manic few months here at Lottie-Elizabeth Photography.  

We have been able to photograph some amazing competitions recently, starting with Wellington Premier League.

We were so lucky to have amazing sunshine throughout the competition, the team were incredible during the heat and long days, producing some cracking images!  One of our highlights was watching the man himself, Carl Hester competing Hawtins Delicato, winning the Grand Prix on 76.80%.  We also had the priviledge of photographing the Para riders including Olympians; Sir Lee Pearson, Sophie Wells MBE, and Sophie Christiansen CBE, how truly incredible to watch these riders compete!  We finished the 5 day competiton with just under 12,000 images!


July was a pretty relaxed month for us, with lots of freelancing for other photographers, shooting at events such as Dauntsey Horse Trials and Royal Welsh - one of my favourite shows to attend as a photographer, the atmosphere is insane in the main arena, often you can hear the cheers and support from arenas at the other end of the showground!  We did have one major event in July, the wedding of Marketing Manager Rachael Corry, the venue was perfect with a local church on the estate, and then we headed over to the most perfect location for a horse mad bride!  The Wellington Horse Trials water fence complex, a stunning bell tent was set up nearby with a live duo playing guitar and singing, fresh canapes served by the water over looking the surrounding fields and beautiful countryside.  

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 23.14.53WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 23.14.53

August started with lots of Junior Camps at Wellington, and ended with their wonderful Horse Trials, we always get excited when it gets to the middle of August because we know it's almost time for us to get prepared for three fantastic days of eventing!  We love scouting out the course a few days before to work out what fences look best - this is often tricky as almost every single fence is a contender! Creating a team plan of who is shooting what fences for which classes, Show Jumping walked the night before the event starts, fences selected, unit set up with rider folders, classes and MISC folders for those cute candids!  We are so lucky to have such a well regarded event secured under our belts, the organisation that goes into this event is immense!  For us, this event is an great way to start winding down our busy season, our team can relax on the cross country course, whilst enjoying the incredible combinations that come flying past, with huge smiles on their faces and ears pricked (the horses that is!) 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 21.14.55WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 21.14.55

September bought us closer to the end of our season, with lots of local shows, we also covered Jump for Life, held at Addington.  Jump for Life is a charity run event raising money for Cancer Research UK, with classes ranging from Newcomers to 1.35m Grand Prix, Ride and Run classes and also a raffle, this show was heartfelt by everyone involved and those who attended!  Including A.P McCoy who entered the Ride and Run with Poppy Stronge, finishing in a competitive fourth place!  We finished the month off with shooting our first Royal County Show, Berkshire Show, we had full coverage of all rings inclusive of the main arena, where we had stunt bike displays, heavy horse displays, Area Trial Showjumping, International Stairway Jumping competition and loads more!


And to finish our season we had our busiest month yet, October.  We started the first week with two competitive final, PetPlan Southern Finals at Parwood, and BD Quest Regional Finals at Wellington, we had two teams out during this weekend, with Lottie and Emma at Parwood, Richard, Molly and Adam were based at Wellington over the three days.  Over 10,000 images were taken over this weekend alone, which meant a solid day spent just uploading everything onto the website once we got home!  We then ventured over to Northern Ireland with the unit to photograph the Pony Indoor Championships, with over 20 hours spent driving and sailing, we finally arrived in Londonderry, we then had 4 days of pony Show Jumping from 50cm upto 1.20m and then finishing on the Children on Horses Grand Prix.  Most days averaged out to be 16 hour days, to which I was very thankful of being able to swap with Sales Team Leader, Sam, who came and took over whilst I had a break and some food! We took over 5,000 images over 60 hours shooting!  We then travelled back and arranged for rooms on the ferry for the way home so that we could sleep a little during the trek home, once we got home we then spent the next day and a half uploading and processing orders.  With only a days break inbetween Ireland and the next show, we started to prep for Senior Home International at Wellington.  Home International was a huge show for us to photograph, as the shows changes venues every year, with the first day being the opening ceremony and trot up, we saw all British Dressage Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, divided up into regional teams, each team had their own mascot and theme, in the hope to win Best Dressed Team.  Over the next two days we had four arenas running all day, with three photographers out photographing and two sales team members, this was our busiest Dressage show since Premier League.  Most days ran from 8am - 4pm, with the last day concluding with closing ceremony and presentations, the last day was our busiest, with our unit being rammed to the roof with eager competitors viewing and ordering photographs from 9am, our last customer left the unit at 9:30pm!  This was a fantastic way to finish our season, with lots of lovely people, beautiful horses and happy team mates! 


Overall 2019 was a pretty big year for us, here's to 2020!

Lottie x



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