Wellington Riding Premier League

June 16, 2018  •  3 Comments

Wellington Premier League - June 2018

Have you ever been to a Dressage Premier League?  No?  Let us take you through what it entailed for us, the competitors and the months of planning prior to the event.
Wellington ran the event during the first week of June, with three beautiful outdoor arenas fully decorated with flowers, sponsored cars, sponsorship boards and immaculate arena surface, and their new Duke's Hall indoor arena.  

We were so excited to be photographing this event, we knew that this would be the biggest dressage event we would cover this year and the nerves kicked in.  We spent months deciding on photographers, who would be running the sales unit, what products to provide, who would shoot which classes, how the new uniform needed to look and how to run the business with the new GDPR regulations coming into action.

With 34 classes over four days we knew we were going to have some long days ahead of us, our team were onsite at least an hour before classes started, we of course had to have a Wellington Breakfast (YUM!) we would then have a debrief, radio checks, rider logs taken with us and off we went!  

The weather was beautifully sunny albeit slightly too warm when you are stood out in the sun for 12hr+ a day!  Everyone involved with sheet collecting etc were so lovely to our team, offering us hot & cold drinks throughout the day, this was a godsend when we couldn't escape the arena to get one ourselves.

We were so fortunate to be one of the class sponsors for Premier League, we sponsored the BD 5YO class and what a class it was, so many stunning horses just bubbling with potential!

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We had a lot of varied classes from Para Dressage to Grand Prix, and much to our surprise we were also told about the Gala Games... yes that's right, High Profile Dressage riders took part in gymnkana games against our wonderful Wellington Riding Club ponies and jockeys.  It's safe to say that many tears of laughter were shed during the 5 rounds of games!  

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Charlotte Dujardin came to the Premier League to compete in the MFS PSG class on Saturday Evening, she bought with the beautiful Florentina IV, she pulled out a fantastic score of 78.792%, a staggering 6% higher than the other competitors in the class.   It was such a treat for everyone at Wellington as we didn't know she was coming!

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So all in all, we had an incredible first Premier League and it couldn't have been possible without the team at Wellington who have worked tirelessly over the last few months to get this event to the level that it is.




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